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Ase Community Foundation for Black Canadians with Disabilities

Collective Liberation at the Intersection of Blackness and Disabilities.

A collage of photos of Black people of varying ages, skin tones, genders, and body types. The pictures each have different coloured frames, red, green, yellow, black, and white to represent Ase’s colours.

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We drive transformative change by centring our voices and boundless talents through:

Black Accessibility Knowledge Hub

Canada’s first fully FREE and confidential Black and disability-focused online searchable platform with a Service Directory, Disability Resources, and Knowledge Hub.

Research and Policy

We identify structural and systemic gaps to bridge knowledge gaps in research and inform critical shifts rooted in true intersectionality to policy, programs, and services.

Education, Awareness, and Knowledge Mobilization

We increase community awareness of Blackness and disability through community education events, social media awareness campaigns, and organizational training.

Collective Knowledge Sharing Platforms

We mobilize and share knowledge at the intersection of Blackness and Disability through nationwide networks, forums, community roundtables, town halls, and symposiums.

Youth and Student Development

We advance the social and economic engagement of Black youth with disabilities, through culturally relevant mentorship, leadership opportunities, and youth-led initiatives.

Professional Services

We offer a comprehensive portfolio of paid services including professional audits, workshops, training, and consultations to equip leaders, staff, & community with the practical tools to build inclusively designed environments, programs, & experiences.

and Research Positions Actualized for Black Disabled Youth
74 Leadership
Event Participants
Over 2500
Projects and Policy Reports
8 Research
Government, Research and Community Committee Affiliations


Community Stories

“The Ase Community has been the first time I felt safe enough to disclose my disability. I’m so happy I did! ”

Staff, 2021

“Wow, i never knew the Federal Government had so many benefits and initiatives for people with disabilities, like the Disability Tax Credit and Registered Disability Saving Plan”

Real Knowledge Series participant 2023

“I can be me at Ase! We don’t have to educate people all day about racial microaggressIons, ableist language, and using my pronouns, They/them!”

Summer Student, 2023

“Molestias ea earum quos nostrum doloremque sed. Quaerat quasi aut velit incidunt excepturi rerum voluptatem minus harum.”

Leonard Krasner

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Our collective efforts are driving a cultural shift where Black and racialized people with disabilities thrive and succeed in all aspects of society.

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