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Our Work

The Ase Community's accomplishments stand as a testament to the dedication and diversity of our team, comprising volunteers, staff, and youth. Their remarkable talents and unwavering commitment play a pivotal role in shaping and leading critical projects and initiatives. Our central mission revolves around valuing the lived experiences and unique strengths of Black disabled individuals. With their impressive educational backgrounds, diverse work experiences, and equity expertise, we actively work towards promoting the engagement and inclusion of Black Canadians with disabilities, fostering their advancement and well-being in society.

We warmly invite you to delve deeper into our priorities, actively participate in our endeavors, and explore the potential for partnering with us.

Black Accessibility Knowledge (BLAcK) Hub

In collaboration with our partners, we have successfully developed Canada's first virtual hub, offering a culturally-relevant and Black-focused collection in our Disability Resources, Service Directory, and Knowledge Catalogue. We warmly invite you to take advantage of this platform to both submit and explore resources, all free of charge!

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Research and Policy Programs

Through critical community-based and mixed methodologies research, policy analysis and papers, and collective advocacy we identify gaps and disparities across sectors, contribute to an emerging knowledge area, and inform policy change critical to eradication of structural and systemic barriers of ableism, anti-Black racism, and gender violence.

The image is a closeup photo of a Black person with vitiligo typing on a computer with one hand, and writing in a notebook in the other.

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Knowledge Mobilization: Education and Awareness

Through our signature national program, The Restorative Education and Awareness Learning (REAL) Knowledge Project, we educate, inspire, and drive critical change at the intersection of race, disabilty, and gender.

The REAL Knowledge Series offers reflexive and transformative discussions, training sessions, and educational workshops that are open to everyone, as well as confidential sessions and townhalls designed to engage Black Disabled people and our community.

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Youth Programs and Initiatives

The Ase Community fosters and mentors Black youth leaders within an inclusively designed environment where they enhance their skills, learn to navigate and advocate for accessibility resources, and gain leadership confidence through training, experiential learning, and mentorship.

Black disabled youth are the architects and drivers behind our strategic youth initiatives and programs. They collectively lead the National Black Youth Coalition and annual Black Student Success Summit, and many more exciting projects and events.

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Services and Training

The Ase Community and subject experts offers a comprehensive portfolio of education, training, and consulting services that will equip leaders, staff, advocates, and community members with a toolkit of practical skills and strategies to effectively:

  • Embed principles of intersectionality within your institution and initiatives.

  • Address structural anti-Black racism, ableism, and gender-based discrimination.

  • Effectively recruit, hire, retain, and promote Black disabled staff and leaders within your institution.