Current opportunities

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Staff Positions

Administrative and Accounting Assistant
Community Programs Coordinator
Research Coordinator / Research Assistant
Student Research Assistant
Youth and Coordinator

Student Positions

Peer Researchers
Internships and Coops
The Ase Community Youth Coalition (Steering Committee)
Summer positions ( May postings)

Current Volunteer Opportunities

The Ase Community stands on the shoulders of ingenious and passionate volunteers. There are many opportunities to volunteer throughout the year in short-term and long-term roles.

We also offer extensive equity training certification, mentorship, and meaningful development roles.

Current Volunteer Opportunities

  • Kandake fellowship Coach

  • The Ase Community Youth Coalition

  • Community and Events Assistants

  • Research and Policy Interns

  • Guest speakers, panellists, and educators

  • Guest speaking, panellists, and educators

  • Board of Directors and committees

  • In-kind services: legal, social enterprise, and Web/ AI

Meet our board members

We’re a dynamic group of individuals who are passionate about what we do and dedicated to delivering the best results for our clients.

Meet our Student leaders

  • Black woman smiling with Black hijab, round rimmed glasses, and a white-striped black sweater.

    Bahja Farah (she/her)

    Research Assistant

  • Black woman with braids and earrings standing in a hallway, with a dark maroon shirt and dress pants.

    Anuoluwa (Anu) Popoola (she/her)

    Research Assistant

  • Black man with short hair and a fade wearing a black sweater, sitting in a brightly-lit restaurant with a drink in front of him; he is looking off to the side.

    Fuaad Shobambi (he/him)

    Software Developer | IT & Technical Coordinator

  • Black man with a beard, blue dress shirt, and baseball cap against a beige wall.

    Abdulfatah Mohammed (he/him)

    Finance & Accounting Assistant

  • Black person with short hair in a powerchair, smiling with a necklace, black sweater, and black-rimmed glasses. They are in front of a wall of bookshelves.

    Jay Baldwin (they/them)

    Youth Initiatives and Fellowships Animator

  • Black person with shoulder-length locs smiling brightly while at a table drinking a juice box, on their phone. They are wearing a yellow beanie and a knitted sweater over a white t-shirt.Oreoluwa Abikoye (they/them)

    Youth Initiatives and Fellowships Animator

  • Black man with shoulder-length locs, small earrings is seated in front of a beige background. He is wearing a black dress shirt underneath a grey jacket

    Ty Hamilton (he/him)

    Coordinator, Special Projects

  • Black woman with long, straight Black hair. Her arms are crossed, and she is wearing a black shirt under a black suit jacket.

    Debora Njilayi (she/her)

    Marketing and Social Media Animator