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Accessibility Statement

The image is of two Black people, Deb (she/her) and Jay (they/them), who both work on the Ase Summer Students Team. Jay is wearing a bright pink shirt and is in a powerchair, and Deb is wearing a white sweater and posing with a peace sign.

The Ase Community Foundation for Black Canadians with Disabilities’ work is grounded in the United Nations “Nothing about us, without us” principle. We are committed to cultivating access and the collective liberation for all people with disabilities - whether visible, invisible, diagnosed, undiagnosed, or misdiagnosed. Our work is rooted in a “For us, By us” approach that advances Black disabled people as leaders and changemakers.

We are committed to embedding accessibility in all our initiatives as well as digital accessibility throughout our website.

As part of our ongoing commitment to accessibility, we welcome feedback from you. If you have suggestions for improvements to the accessibility of any of our communications or to make an accessibility request for a particular item on our website or in other material, please contact

We strategically center our work around the experiences of Black people with disabilities and work from a “For us, By us” approach that engages our community at all levels of our organization. We are rooted in the values of interconnectedness and collective liberation, drawing on intersectional frameworks including Critical Race Theory, Disability Justice, Black Feminist Theory, and Gender Based Analysis +.

The ASE Community team of board members, staff, and volunteers are majority Black people with disabilities with a diversity of Canadian residency status, including both Canadian-born folks, Canadian Afro-Indigenous people, and a range of immigration/settlement experiences from all over the Black diaspora including the Caribbean and Africa. We are primarily comprised of Black women and gender-diverse people with both invisible and visible disabilities across a diversity of skills, education, careers, community roles, and research and policy areas. Our organizational initiatives, research, and community coalitions are all led by Black people with disabilities; and our organization’s commitment to Pay Equity ensures that all staff’s lived experience, talents, expertise, and emotional labour are acknowledged and compensated. All volunteers and research participants receive financial honoraria for their expertise and support.

In addition to this, our mandate, HR strategies, by-laws, and policies further commit to ensuring that our organization remains Black-led, including our policy that two-thirds of our Board of Director positions must be held by Black persons with disabilities. Currently, our Board and staff are led and composed entirely of Black people, with the majority being youth under 30 years old with disabilities.

Accessibility Standards

This website is Web Accessibility Content Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 Compliant to Level A. Web content can be accessed using keyboard only options and ALT-text has been provided for relevant images. Color contrast has been carefully selected and the website uses CSS in order to separate content from display and to facilitate viewing the site through assistive technologies or in high contrast mode. As well, where possible, captions and transcripts have been provided for videos hosted on this website.