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The Ase Community is a national Black-led, Black-serving, and Black-focused organization rooted in Disability Justice, Black feminism, and decolonization.

We are committed to working collectively across institutions with researchers, service providers, and individuals. We envision identifying gaps, building capacity, and advancing the overall well-being, economic engagement, and full participation of Black Canadians with Disabilities.

The image is of Liza Arnason, the Founder of Ase Community Foundation, with Samantha Acosta, a long-time collaborator with Ase, taking a selfie together. They are both sitting together on a porch and smiling warmly; Liza is wearing a purple turtleneck-sweater, a purple bag around her shoulder, and purple-framed glasses. Samantha
  • Our Purpose
    The Ase Community Foundation for Black Canadians with Disabilities is rooted in the “For us, by us” principle, centring our voices, lived experience, and boundless talents to manifest change.

    Through collective wisdom and cross-movement solidarity, we identify and dismantle structural and societal inequities that perpetuate stigmas and adversely impede all aspects of life and well-being for Black people with disabilities.
  • Our Vision

    We envision Black people with disabilities fully engaged and thriving within an equitable society that embraces our unique talents and empowers our success.
  • Our Mission
    Our mission is to disrupt disparities at the intersection of Blackness, disability, and gender; driving a cultural shift that supports the collective liberation of our community. We cultivate access for all through education and awareness, collaborative knowledge sharing, research and policy, and youth empowerment anchored in a national Black Accessibility Knowledge Hub.

Strategic Priorities

These are the priorities that elevates our focus and provides a guide for the outcomes we desire.

Black Accessibility Knowledge Hub

Canada's first free virtual hub hosting culturally relevant and Black-focused Disability Resources, Service Directory, and Knowledge Catalogue.

Research and Policy

Conducting research projects and policy reviews and consolidate findings, and provide recommendations on best practices that promote the social inclusion of Black Canadians with Disabilities.

Collective Knowledge Sharing Platforms

Mobilize and share knowledge through consultations as well as the development and active participation in nationwide networks, forums, community roundtables, town halls, and symposiums.

Youth and Student Development

We advance the social and economic engagement of Black youth with disabilities, through mentorship and experiential leadership opportunities that foster Black youth-led initiatives, events, research, and Ase’s Community Youth Coalition.

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What We Believe

Whitney leaning against a railing on a downtown street

The Intersection of Blackness, Disability, & Gender

This is an emerging subject area. We aim to bridge the knowledge and service gap with critical research and partnerships centring Disability Justice and the unique experiences of Black Canadians with disabilities.

The Ase Community is well positioned to support organizations that work with Black Canadians with disabilities. We are focused on working to collectively advance their overall well-being, economic engagement, and full participation.

Ase Community is committed to collaborating with both community and institutional partners to mobilize research and services to develop a holistic understanding of the intersectional experiences of Black Canadians with disabilities; as well as develop inclusive and culturally responsive services.

We Believe

The Black Diaspora & Disability

The Black Diaspora in Canada, including individual and collective experiences are uniquely diverse and intersectional. This also includes Black folk with disabilities - both visible and invisible (diverse learning, mental health and disorders, and chronic illness including sickle cell disease and Lupus).

Our approaches, definitions, and policies are rooted in lived intersectional experiences and Black-led research and community, and will be reviewed and updated periodically.

Our values, strategic goals, policies, and work are grounded in these equity-seeking approaches and concepts, centring Blackness and Disability Justice.


We strategically centre our work around the experiences of Black people with disabilities and work from a “For us, By us” approach that engages our community at all levels of our organization. We are rooted in the values of interconnectedness and collective liberation, drawing on intersectional frameworks including Critical Race Theory, Disability Justice, Black Feminist Theory, and Gender Based Analysis +. We are working toward developing a Canadian approach to a critical Black Disability Feminist framework.

Meet our board members

We’re a dynamic group of individuals who are passionate about what we do and dedicated to delivering the best results for our clients.

Meet our team members

We’re a dynamic group of individuals who are passionate about what we do and dedicated to delivering the best results for our clients.