Collaborative Platform

In the spirit of collective wisdom and cross-movement solidarity rooted in our ancestral indigenous African values, the Ase Community fosters a community of youth, community members, leaders, entrepreneurs, researchers, and change agents working to manifest critical change through a National Black Disability Collective.

The principles of “For us, by us” and the UN’s “Nothing about us without us” are embedded across all networks and community partnerships. The Ase Community's Black disabled leaders and allies are steadfast in our shared purpose to identify and dismantle structural and societal inequities that perpetuate stigmas and adversely impede all aspects of life and well-being for Black people with disabilities.

We mobilise and share knowledge through consultations as well as the development and active participation in nationwide networks, forums, community roundtables, town halls, and symposiums.

National Black Disability Collective

The National Black Disability Collective is a Canada-wide Black disability-led and cross movement solidarity community that fosters safe and intersectional virtual spaces for knowledge sharing, collaborations, and strategic mobilisation. Centring our voices, lived experience, and boundless talents, this coalition embraces the value of collective action across the Black-disabled community, individuals, leaders, researchers, and experts.It is the hosts and supports the work of three networks:

Critical Black Disability Research Coalition
Black Youth Coalition
Black Entrepreneurship Network

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Two Black women are seated side by side on a couch in an office building. They are both wearing jeans; the one on the left is wearing a black and white sweater, and the one on the right is wearing an orange and camo jacket with a camo hat. They both have laptops on their laps - the one on the left has a grey laptop, while the one on the right has a blue laptop covered with various stickers. They are both smiling, and the one on the right is pointing at the woman on the left’s screen.

Critical Black Disability Research Council

The Ase Community’s Critical Black Disability Research Council aims to share academic knowledge and develop a community of practice among researchers and knowledge seekers. We work within critical pedagogies and intersectionality frameworks including disability justice, critical race theory, Black feminism, disability politics, and Black Disability Feminist Framework.

We are committed to work collectively to advise and advance critical research and policy endeavours at the intersection of Blackness, disability, gender, and other forms of oppression; with a shared understanding of Audre Lorde’s speech that the “Master's Tools will Never Dismantle the Master’s House.”

We envision an interdisciplinary approach to identifying and addressing systemic gaps; shifting attitudes within research and data collection methodologies that further perpetuate anti-Black racism, ableism, and gender-based violence; and informing policy change by:

Showcasing projects and findings from research, policy, and program review
Collecting and analysing race-based disaggregated data, policies, and programs;
Developing professional skills, and increasing conference presentations and publications;
Increasing community research opportunities and successful grant applications;
Identifying new areas of research, resources, and education models strengthening the culture of collective action.

We encourage like-minded Black people with disabilities, researchers, passionate students, and allies to work collectively and lead this critical change!

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The Black Entrepreneurship Professional Network

The Black Entrepreneurship Professional Network brings together award winning and widely creative Black entrepreneurs and business owners with disabilities. This network encourages ingenuity, excellence, and professionalism, while building a community of shared resources, professional training, and business support.

This network provides members

Resources and access to funding and procurement opportunity programs and grants access to the most innovative technologies and accommodations, and global accessibility markets and audiences.
Professional businesses skills development and capacity building resources
Profile and spotlights in the BLAckHub and global networks
Opportunities to inform research, policy, and government programs

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Get Involved today, we need your input and expertise!! The Ase Community foundation for Black Canadians with Disabilities is conducting a 3 year research project Untapped Black Talent: Examining the Systemic Gaps, Structural Barriers, and Lived Experiences of Black Entrepreneurs with Disabilities.
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The ASE Black Youth Coalition

The Ase Black Youth Coalition (ABYC) was launched in 2021 by Black student leaders with disabilities hired through the Canada Summer Jobs. It began as a national university Black student network, and grew to become a Black Youth Coalition for all youth 16-30 years old across Canada. The network quickly expanded to include an executive team that works directly with the Ase Community’s Board of Director, Youth and youth membership from across the Black diaspora and multiple identities.

The executive team and youth members jointly provide advice and direction to the Ase Community staff and Board of Directors on the following

Annual Black Student Success Summit
REAL Knowledge Series: town Halls, workshops, and youth-focused events
Experiential internships, summer jobs, and skills training
Program initiatives and services (ie. Kandake Fellowship)
Research projects and policy reviews:( Diverse Learners Research Project)

Learn more about the The ASE Black Youth Coalition and inspiring Black Youth leaders here.

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